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September 1st: the new year is literally ready to start for me. This has always been the time to make plans, get inspired and be creative. It’s also the time to check that long list of all the things I left behind and tick at least some things off.

If I only had time.

Today I have started a new work adventure in the Vatican Museums. It will last a year.

At the same time I have to carry on with another important work started a couple of months ago in a beautiful ancient residence and if in the evening I will be still alive I will try to edit my thousands photographs from Orkney and many others for my projects. Wish me luck!

Two is better than one… but three may be too many!

Only Puffins are never enough! 😉


In these difficult times to be so busy is really a blessing.

But I hope you won’t mind if sometimes I will feel a bit tired.

And you, do you have a project list that you want to achieve? Would you like to tell me more about it?

In the meantime Happy September everyone! I wish you all a lot of success!

6 thoughts on “September.

  1. Lovely blog, Antonella. You are going to be very busy.

    1. Morning Delyse 🙂
      Thank you very much! It’s encouraging!

  2. Buon settembre a te! In bocca al lupo e viva il lupo per questi tuoi impegni importanti. Anche io ho una cosa in partenza: che il lupo ci assista tutte! 😊

    1. Fantastico Marina!!! Non vedo l’ora di brindare ai nostri successi! 😉

  3. Buon lavoro! See you in Rome!

    1. Grazie!!! Non vedo l’ora! 🤗

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