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I am back!

Big changes have happened in my life lately, some good, some bad.

But there is something happened in the past year, instead, that is really exceptional.

I suffered for decades with strong headaches. My daily life was affected by this, by the continuous pain which caused me a state of depression and incapability to have a good life, and to enjoy even the little things. In the last 20 years I could suffer up to 20 days of migraine per month and the only drugs I could take for killing the pain, affected my mood for days. I think I have spent almost of three quarter of my life in bed, in the dark, sometimes wanting to die instead to keep living in pain. How many times I felt ashamed of my condition, to say no to so many things that could cause an attack. I was desperate! Migraine is a real neurological disease with a high frequency of incidence, and because of that, must be treated as a disease and not like something not important, just like a condition so common to a large number of people. After having tried everything possible, I followed for a year a therapy with the new monoclonal antibodies and it’s been a great success! Migraine is no longer a monster which has accompanied my life since I was 10 years old. Now I can do so many things that before I was not able to, especially enjoy life and the company of my dear friends in any circumstance. I can get a migraine attack sometimes, maybe once or twice a month, but it goes away fast, and without drugs. It’s a miracle!

Happy 2024 Lovely People! Life is beautiful!

6 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. This is the best news I could have! You deserve it! 😘

    1. Thanks so much Charles! I hope that there will be more great news to come! : ) xx

  2. Evviva! Sono molto contenta per te. Ora aspetto nuove e incredibili foto

    1. Ciao Marina! Grazie di cuore! Si ricomincia con più energia e il futuro ha in serbo nuove avventure! Nel frattempo negli archivi dei miei ultimi viaggi ci sono ancora un mare di foto da scoprire e da pubblicare! Buon 2024 cara!

  3. I am so so so happy to hear this. Peace and Love!!!!

    1. Hi dear Tyla! Thanks so much! Hope to see you soon! Lot of love xx

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